Industry Links

  • How Fire Sprinklers Work – Home fire sprinklers are very technologically advanced, but the basic way they work is very simple.
  • Unlicensed Underground Contractors
  • Ultimate Fire Sprinkler Guide
  • Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition – 8 out of 10 fire deaths occur in the home. Installing fire sprinklers in new homes is a great idea that can save lives. The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition is the #1 resource for accurate, noncommercial information and materials for consumers and professionals.
  • BlazeMaster – BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems are the most specified non-metallic sprinkler system option in the world.BlazeMaster CPVC pipe and fittings are specifically designed for fire sprinkler systems and are based on a product with a continuous service history of over 40 years.
  • Florida Fire Departments & Links – Safeguarding Floridians through fire prevention, protection and enforcement.