Emergency Lighting

We all walk under them everyday but seldom notice them. Emergency Lights and Exit Signs (E-Lights) are key pieces of life safety equipment. E-Lights must provide sufficient illumination and direction during a power outage or other emergency that would require occupants to safely exit the building.

All life safety equipment, including E-Lights are required to be installed and tested periodically in virtually all commercial, industrial and government buildings. Some of the local and national organizations that have specific life safety codes that relate directly to E-Lights are:

Our technicians are trained to install, inspect and service E-Lights. You can have peace of mind knowing that your employees, customers and guests won’t be left in the dark in an emergency situation because the E-Lights didn’t work. You can be confident that those lights will work and guide everyone safely out of the building. Peace of mind also translates into reduced liability for you and your organization.

Contact AFPS today to set up a free, no obligation review of your E-Light testing program.

Reduce Exit Sign Maintenance and Costs!

Inspections and replacement bulbs and batteries are the most overlooked costs with exit signs. AFPS is an authorized dealer of Jalite products including signs charged by the ambient light of your facility. The life of these signs are twice that of the typical LED or other electrical sign. AFPS is the only Jalite dealer in Northwest Florida. Start saving, contact us today!