Commercial Building Fire Sprinklers

Advanced Fire Protection Services provides top quality design, installation, service, inspections and maintenance of all types of commercial fire sprinkler systems.


Our team of qualified Technicians are available 24 hours/365 days a year with a caring attitude whose goals are your satisfaction and safety. You can be assured your emergency service requests will be answered by a competent Technician 24/365.


By far the NUMBER ONE reason for fire sprinkler system failures, involving a fire scenario, is improper maintenance that includes an improperly positioned valve. This usually results from a well-meaning untrained person closing a system control valve. Sprinkler systems with their vast array of appurtenances can be complex and should only be maintained by trained and experienced technicians.

Our own Client Reports® Inspection system gives you access to all your facility inspection reports anywhere you have internet access, within 24 hours of an inspection. This feature gives you the ability to see all discrepancies and make repair decisions immediately with our “Click to Fix” option. Inspection Agreements ensure that every detail of what will be done is clearly spelled out with no surprises. Inspection Coordinators work with you to ensure your needs are met in a timely manner.