Special Hazard Suppression

Whether your fire suppression system protects your restaurant appliances, yacht, electronics operation room, paint booth or flammable liquid storage facility, Advanced Fire Protection Services, Inc. is the obvious choice. Our state and factory certified technicians can install, service and inspect your system whether it is pre-engineered or engineered. 24-hour emergency service insures you are up and running as quickly as possible.

Advanced Fire Protection Services provides hazard analysis, design, sales, installation and factory authorized service for all types of facilities and applications.

Restaurant Kitchen Hood Systems

ANSUL, the most well know name in kitchen hood fire suppression is our number one brand. Factory training, support and guaranteed service are automatic. The water-wet chemical hybrid system Pirahana or the traditional R102…we have the perfect system for your unique cook line application.

Residential Range Hood Systems

Safe and convenient, residential hood systems provide protection from fire on the stove at a very reasonable price. AFPS offers two choices for your system using the clean and powerful fire fighting agent Ansulex. Cooksafe is preinstalled in a quality stainless steel kitchen hood and the Guardian can be installed in your choice of hoods.

Server and Switching Room Clean Agent Systems

Protect your equipment and your data from fire and from the potentially devastating effects of conventional systems with a clean gas system. Environmentally friendly, the systems from Fike are the perfect application for those high value risks.

Paint Booth and Mixing Room Systems

The potential impact of a fire in one of these areas is very serious business. Protect your investment with only the best dry chemical suppression systems available. Ansul and Pyro-Chem the world leaders in dry chemical have pre-engineered the perfect system which will be tailor-made for your particular application.

Marine Engine Room Systems

Don’t be set adrift by a fire in the engine room of your vessel. Large or small we have a design that will not only satisfy the Coast Guard requirements, but keep you and your considerable investment safe from fire. Sea-Fire and Fireboy automatic suppression systems are reliable and can be adapted to any engine room.