From the simple manual fire alarm systems to the high rise addressable fire alarm systems, you need a qualified contractor that is there for you 24 hours/365 days. We have service and construction departments to satisfy your needs. With our 24-hour UL monitoring services, we will always know how your system is functioning. Because of frequent lightning strikes and corrosive environment, an inspection agreement is invaluable when it comes to fire alarm systems.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire Sprinkler System • Fire Alarm System • Elevator Emergency Notification • Intrusion Alarm • UL Listed Monitoring
Electronic monitoring: The missing piece of the liability puzzle.

  • Less than $1 per day:

Add two layers of protection between you and liability
Meet or exceed insurance requirements
Ensure police/fire department is notified within seconds
Eliminate staff decision making responsibility

  • What can happen without monitoring?

Well meaning staff + silenced alarm – investigation = disaster
Broken fire sprinkler – notification = major damage
Fire pump failure – notification = major problem
Unwitting law violation + problem = major problem
Elevator + trapped guest – notification = liability
Property theft/damage – notification = delayed prosecution

  • Are there other advantages?

Periodic professional analysis of signal report
Fire panel test signal transmission every 24-hours
Communication troubles reported
Equipment tampering reported
Monitoring = Insurance savings

  • It is the Law!

Florida Uniform Fire Code 1 (NFPA 1): 10.1.2 Life Safety Code
Florida Fire Prevention Code 101 (NFPA 101):,,