Fire Alarm & Security Monitoring

Electronic monitoring: The missing piece of the liability puzzle.

All life safety systems require an off-premise “action” known generally as “monitoring”. These “signals”or “notifications” are electronically transmitted to a central station that alerts and activates first responders and keyholders. The critical “action” in a Fire Alarm or a Fire Sprinkler system is to dispatch the Fire Department.

These “signals” are transmitted by several technologies – most of which are becoming extinct. Most fire alarm systems use POTS (Plain Old Telephone System- the age old “copper” telephone system that most of us grew up with), or 2G cellular (outdated cellular technology) to transmit these “signals”. Both of these antiquated technologies are slated to sunset in the next few years. In short, most fire alarm systems will require updated communicator technology. The increasingly popular shift to “bundling” phone lines with broadband – VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) has created yet another technical challenge. VoIP IS NOT AN OPTION FOR MONITORING A FIRE ALARM PANEL!

The monitoring challenge is complex and will include new high tech solutions. Every site must be evaluated to formulate a sustainable plan. Advanced Fire Protection Services Inc. IS your Life Safety Expert, and will help navigate you through this highly technical and evolving issue. We have the sustainable plan for your facility! Contact us today!

  • What monitoring is required to do

– Ensure fire department/police are notified within seconds
– Monitor system events and performance at required intervals
– Detect and report system errors or problems
– Notify facility stakeholders (keyholders)

  • Are there other potential advantages?

– Huge risk management tool
– Greatly enhances the survivability of a fire event
– Periodic analysis of signal reports by our competent staff
– Timely notification of fire sprinkler leaks – minimizing damage
– Advance notice of failures of other system components – i.e. fire pump and controllers

  • It is the Law!

– Florida Uniform Fire Code 1 (NFPA 1): 10.1.2 Life Safety Code
– Florida Fire Prevention Code 101 (NFPA 101):,,